Project Marketing

The Israeli office market is a lively and strong market with rising demand. As a result, there is a momentum of construction in the oldest business complexes undergoing renovation alongside the establishment of new business centers.
These days, a great variety of new and spectacular projects are being built and marketed such as: H-Tower by Hagag Group, Suzuki Tower, Sky Tower and Rubinstein Twins in Tel Aviv, Safir Tower in the Stock Exchange Complex, the Israel Land Development Tower and B.S.R. Towers in Bnei Barak, and more.
Our firm markets over 400,000 square meters of office space in a variety of new and prestigious projects, for sale or rent, ranging from 50 square meters up to 10,000 square meters.

We also work closely with the major real estate companies Azrieli, Amut, RET 1, Canada-Israel, Sufrin Group, Levinstein Group, and more, providing response and solutions to clients concerning the entire spectrum of market supply.
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