Investing in commercial assets and making them high-yielding is a procedure comprising several stages and conducted by a variety of different professionals. By means of our knowledge, experience, and array of business partners, we have created for you the comprehensive service package A2exit to create a quality asset yielding high returns.
The service includes assistance and support from locating investment and finding property, through building the business plan, providing expert real estate attorney council, valuation of rights by an appraiser, architectural planning, interior design, finishing works and contractors, and more, up to finding tenants and creating a return, or selling at profit – an exit transaction.
We work with a wide range of highly recommended quality professionals from among the leading experts in Israel who will be happy to be at your disposal.

Architecture and Planning

A variety of architects and interior designers specializing in planning and designing offices and modern and functional work spaces at attractive prices for exit clients.

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Professional legal support

A wide pool of highly recommended real estate lawyers with knowledge and rich experience in managing and closing complex real estate transactions at discounted prices for our clients.

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Property tax payment easing

Examination of easings, exemptions, or refunds in property tax payments by a lawyer specializing in the field.
The examination is free of charge, payment based upon success only.

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Appraiser’s evaluation

Professional support of an expert appraiser in the commercial real estate field in analyzing rights or carrying out valuations.
A variety of highly recommended appraisers.

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Professional property photography

Professional photography package for assets for sale or rent purpose.
Offered as a service in assets marketed exclusively by our firm.

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Rent or sale

Our team of experienced agents provides the service of renting the property to an end user and turning into an asset yielding returns, or selling it and creating an “exit” transaction.

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