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Exit Real Estate specializes in the commercial and business real estate market in Israel, with an emphasis on Tel Aviv and the Gush Dan region.

The company’s main activity lies in making high-quality and accurate matching between companies and investors and real property assets.
Exit Real Estate dominates the fields of office sales and rental, high-yield assets, lands and urban renewal, project marketing and more, dealing with transactions of any size and scope.

Our clients benefit from a vast database and extensive connections built over the years, as well as a perfect package of professional services for transactions of any type and at any stage.

Our elite office team is composed of highly professional consultants with impressive track records in real estate, both as professionals and as individual investors and entrepreneurs.

Our knowledge, rich experience, our extensive array of clients and connections and creative thinking open the doors to unique and attractive transactions that accurately meet the client’s needs. Living and breathing the world of commercial real estate as we do, there is no opportunity nor deal that goes unnoticed, including transactions that are “not on the market”.
Investors and entrepreneurs who turn to us benefit from an unparalleled asset pool and professional response to any need, from locating a potential asset up until the asset starts to yield returns.
Property owners who turn to us enjoy direct and quick access to a huge pool of tenants or investors and a team of agents from among the best in the country, who work for them to complete the sale/lease to their satisfaction.

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Team members

With 15 years of experience in Israel’s commercial real estate market.
After about 20 years in New York, where he gained extensive knowledge and experience and specialized in managing real estate transactions, he returned to Israel and founded the company Exit Real Estate.
An investor and real estate entrepreneur in Israel and abroad, a graduate of Real Estate Studies at the prestigious school of New York University, Ilan is married and has three children.

“If you can imagine it, you can fulfill it“

Ilan Haber, co-CEO

With over 15 years in Israel’s commercial business real estate field as a broker, investor, and real estate entrepreneur in Israel and abroad, about 8 years ago Danny founded the company Exit Real Estate.
The love for business accompanied me from my youth, the passion for real estate started when I realized that a real estate deal was the one most profitable and safe.
BA graduate in law, married and father to three children.
“Success is preparation meeting opportunity”

Dani Geffen, co-CEO

With 8 years of experience in marketing real estate covering the various branches of the field – residential, agricultural land – for the last 5 years Ziv has been active in brokering transactions in commercial real estate and urban renewal.
A B.A. graduate in Marketing and Communications, Ziv is a Real Estate investor in Israel and Europe, designs and decorates houses, and believes that whoever buys real property makes a good deal.
“He who says that he doesn’t fall in love with a property just hasn’t seen the right property”

Ziv Fogel

Has been working in the field of commercial real estate in Israel for about 5 years after many years of management career in international companies. During that time he gained extensive experience in managing overseas projects, understanding the business world, and negotiating complex transactions.
Bachelor of Economics and Management.
Married and has a son.
“One benefits and the other suffers no loss”

Oron Barak

I have been working in the commercial real estate field for 3 years after a long career in visual real estate marketing – interior design and graphics. This experience has given me the ability to see in every structure the possibilities inherent therein and locate creative and attractive transactions for my clients.
A graduate of the Faculty of Visual Communication at IED Rome, married to an interior designer, and a real estate investor.
“My ambition is to be the broker I’d want to work with”

Ariel Landau

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